The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Beautifully taught across 46 videos, as you've never seen before.

Brace yourself for awesomeness 😉

For trainees...

• Learn the right form, for you.

Increase the efficacy of your training.

Reduce the risk of pain and injury.

For trainers...

Learn how to adjust the form to the individual.

Give guidance that leads to results

Gain confidence advising your clients.

Everywhere you turn, form advice seems to differ.

It's confusing and frustrating when you just want to get on with your lifting.

The truth is that different people need slightly different ways of doing the lifts. Body shape, height, limb lengths, and joint mobility all factor in.

So we created something timeless, showing how to find the correct form for YOU.

Working with world-class experts, we have developed a 46-lesson curriculum to teach you how to master the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

You'll learn the lifts, but then most importantly, learn how to identify and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

You're putting so much effort into your training already, don't limit yourself by allowing the extent of your lifting education to be confined to what you see in the gym or in quick online tutorials.

It would be our honor to guide you. Welcome to The Big 3 Basics.


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  The Squat
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  The Deadlift
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One payment, lifetime access.

Deadlift Sample 1

Addressing lower back rounding.

Deadlift Sample 2

Learning to hip hinge.

Deadlift Sample 3

Fine-tuning the stance.

Bench Press Sample 1

Learning to unrack heavy loads safely.

Bench Press Sample 2

Learning how to arch.

Bench Press Sample 3

Fixing scapula positioning.

Squat Sample 1

Bottom position checks.

Squat Sample 2

Key steps of the squat.

Squat Sample 3

Learning the correct bar position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the videos?

Streaming via a web browser to any device. No app install is needed.

Is The Big 3 Basics just for powerlifters? I want to look good naked.

No, this is for anyone who is looking to learn how to squat, bench press, and deadlift.

We have a specific video on competition form for the bench press so that you can see the differences between how we recommend you train and what helps powerlifters lift the most weight within competition rules.

We hired powerlifters to demonstrate, and powerlifting coaches consult on the form because they are the world's foremost experts on it.

Can an Intermediate lifter benefit, or is it for Beginners?

Absolutely. It's specifically designed for the intermediate trainee who realizes that the lifts are a little more complicated than they first thought.

It's not that a novice won't benefit, but they aren't likely to appreciate the value in it yet, compared with a free guide online.

The first few 'lesson' videos of each lift are dedicated to getting you going.

But as we all know, shallow knowledge can only take us so far. This is where the troubleshooting videos come in, and the product's real value starts to shine.

Do you plan to update the content over time like your ebooks? If so, will it be free for initial customers?

If I feel something needs to be updated, then I absolutely will. However, right now, I can't imagine needing to.

The thing is, my books are about nutrition and training theory. The best practices change as the science evolves, and I gain experience as a coach.

However, these videos are about lifting form, the best practices for which are timeless, and we've created the videos to be so.

Will The Big 3 Basics help me eliminate pain or injuries?

Learning how to perform the lifts correctly and in a way that works for your body can reduce your risk of injury. You may find that any current pain you have when lifting clears up. However, things other than poor form can cause pain or injuries, and The Big 3 Basics is not a product focused on helping people with injuries.

How technical are the videos? Do you talk about biomechanics?

The videos focus on what to do, not the biomechanical reasons why. The latter would require an entire book dedicated to it, clutter up the content, nd confuse the learning experience.

We have focused on building the most practical how-to guide we could.

One payment, lifetime access.